I am a girl and I love to climb.

Give me the same belay test you give to your male patrons.

Don’t skeptically quiz me about my favorite spots.

Don’t roll your eyes when I talk about bouldering.

Don’t question my love for climbers other than Sharma.

For reasons other than their muscles.

I’m a fucking rock climber.

And I don’t have to prove it to you.

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  2. dynojunkie said: Those dickheads clearly have never seen the likes of Anna Stohr, Alex Puccio, and Angie Payne, among others. Keep climbing! Nobody should have to prove it to anyone. >:(
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    Don’t patronize my climbing partner and I as she crushes harder than you have all night, then attempt to repeat her and...
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    I welcome women climbers. Not because I like to watch them like a piece of meat. Vjt because they climb completely...
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    most of the girl climber I know can, and regularly do kick my ass on most routes
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    My girlfriend feels this
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    Haha no for real i hate gyms where only girls get spotted. #creepy shit is redic
  17. zenthlete said: I find girls are more qualified climbers than guys if they’re actually climbers… the yogapants; those girls are a different story.
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